Company Executive Summery
INNOVIAT is students’ company created under INJAZ Company program aiming to take the automation industry in Yemen to the next level. Automation engineering solution is best described as an untapped potential, therefore it presents a great opportunity for investment. Automation is the field where control systems are used interchangeably to operate machines and network them together. Automated systems are implemented by skilled engineers who are also needed for the maintenance of those systems and the implementation of creative solution to nontraditional problems. We will be the first company in the industrial market that provides automation services for factories, facilities or even personnel. INNOVIAT target market is vast and wide, it includes all facilities that use automated systems such as factories, labs and manufacturing establishment, on the other hand since it provides engineering solutions in general, that leads to another target market segment which is anyone with an engineering related problem.
The product INNOVIAT presents as a start-up company is targeting the second segment of the market which is people, the limitation of solar power resources requires an economically controlled usage to reach the optimum energy consumption and resources sustainability. INNOVIAT product competitive advantages can be summed in the cost effectiveness along with after selling services for locally designed and manufactured goods using cutting edge technology and manufacturing techniques.

Company Product